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More Than I Love My Life

Език Английски езикАнглийски език
Аудиокнига MP3
Аудиокнига More Than I Love My Life David Grossman
Код Либристо: 42332976
Издателство Vintage Digital, август 2021
Brought to you by Penguin. An epic, deeply moving novel about the power of love and loving with cour... Цялото описание
? points 37 b
29 лв
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Brought to you by Penguin. An epic, deeply moving novel about the power of love and loving with courage - from the Man Booker International Prize-winning author of A Horse Walks into a BarOn a kibbutz in Israel in 2008, Gili is celebrating the ninetieth birthday of her grandmother Vera, the adored matriarch of a sprawling and tight-knit family. But festivities are interrupted by the arrival of Nina: the iron-willed daughter who rejected Vera's care; and the absent mother who abandoned Gili when she was still a baby.Nina's return to the family after years of silence precipitates an epic journey from Israel to the desolate island of Goli Otok, formerly part of Yugoslavia. It was here, five decades earlier, that Vera was held and tortured as a political prisoner. And it is here that the three women will finally come to terms with the terrible moral dilemma that Vera faced, and that permanently altered the course of their lives.More Than I Love My Life is a sweeping story about the power of love and loving with courage. A novel driven by faith in humanity even in our darkest moments, it asks us to confront our deepest held beliefs about a woman's duty to herself and to her children.'Grossman's work resonates with emotional intelligence, humanity and truth' Irish Times(c) David Grossman 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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