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Език Английски езикАнглийски език
Аудиокнига MP3
Издателство Transworld Digital, септември 2018
Random House presents the audiobook edition of Perfect Liars by Rebecca Reid, read by Gabrielle Glai... Цялото описание
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17 лв
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Perfect Liars Rebecca Reid / С меки корици 21 лв

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Perfect Liars by Rebecca Reid, read by Gabrielle Glaister.They have it all. And they'll do anything to keep it that way.For fans of The Girlfriend and Liane Moriarty as well as TV hits Doctor Foster and The Replacement.Sixteen years ago, at an elite boarding school secluded in the English countryside, best friends Nancy, Georgia and Lila did something unspeakable. Their secret forged an unbreakable bond between them, a bond of silence. But now, in their thirties, one of them wants to talk.One word and everything could be ruined: their lives, their careers, their relationships. It's up to Georgia to call a crisis dinner. - she knows there's nothing that can't be resolved by three courses in her immaculate kitchen. But the evening does not go as planned. Three women walk in to the dinner, but only two will leave. Murder isn't so difficult the second time around...Gripping and unputdownable, Perfect Liars tells the story of a group of friends bound by their dark pasts and their desperate need to keep their secrets hidden from the world around them. How far would you go to protect the life you've built?

Информация за книгата

Пълно заглавие Perfect Liars
Език Английски език
Корици Аудиокнига - MP3
Дата на издаване 2018
Баркод 9781473565005
Код Либристо 40336813
Издателство Transworld Digital
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